Testimonials for Babyplus

The Babyplus Company thanks the thousands of progressive, thoughtful early-adopters of this technology and the countless media outlets that have featured our product. Tens of thousands of mothers worldwide have enriched the prenatal environment of their child with BabyPlus Prenatal Education System.

"BabyPlus is a brilliant invention. I have used it myself, will definitely use it again, and have only positive things to say about it in my book."

Sarah Brewer, M.D.
Author of SuperBaby: Boost Your Baby’s Potential from Conception to Year One

"For their child’s lifetime development, every parent should hear about this discovery, an innovation representing the single most significant step science has taken toward increasing infant potential."
Rene Van de Carr, M.D.
Author of While You Are Expecting

"It’s hard to overestimate the benefits."

Roy Ridgeway
Author of The Unborn Child

"I think that someday, the use of BabyPlus will be absolutely as common during pregnancy as is taking a prenatal vitamin today."

Karen Bell
Registered Nurse BabyPlus mother of two

I will definitely be recommending it to people as it was brilliant. Thank you.

Charlotte, June 2007

Can't believe the order arrived this morning after only ordering yesterday. What a surprise. Brilliant service, thank you

Helen, York, May 2007

Can I just say how impressed I am with your service. I had ordered this item 18th May and I received it next day, fair enough I did pay next day delivery rates, but it's the speed that the order was processed and posted. I will be dealing will you in the future and I would recommend anybody to your company.

Many Thanks

Philip,19th May 07

It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Thanks ,

Laura, May 2007

Thanks for the use of this device it was great I will recommend you in the future

Steve, April 2007

Thank you once again, your service has really been excellent.

Michelle, March 2007

You made my day!!! Can't wait to get back on the schedule with Babyplus again, and feel my babies dancing around -- Such a GREAT product and GREAT support!

Thanks again,

Barbara & the twins

Thanks so much for sending my order so promptly and following my instructions. I was able to pick the packages up from the post office with no hassles or charges and have already enjoyed using everything I ordered.

Thanks once again and best wishes

Helen Swain, December 2006

I used a babyplus machine when I was pregnant with my son (born Dec 1998)… My son, Bradley, is now 8 years old and is absolutely amazing and seems very advanced compared to other children of his age. He is in a class of 12 children in a private school but is top of his class in everything academically. I am sure that the machine has contributed towards his development.

Additionally, he is very musically talented and is currently the UK Singstar champion, a title he won in a competition run by Sony / Virgin. He has attended karate classes since he was 4 years old and has now been invited to join the Black Belt Club at his martial arts school, to train seriously with the aim of attaining a black belt by the age of ten years. He swims with Northampton swimming club, recently swimming one mile in under an hour and does freestyle and ballet dancing. Currently he is performing in a Northampton theatre in the lead role of 'Oliver'.

Bradley has amazing stamina and a very mature sense of humour also. He recently did an assessment this year and they were very impressed with him, saying that he should be put on their gifted and talented register.

I have tried to find information regarding other users' experiences online, but I cannot find anything relating to older children, only young babies. I hope that you can help in this respect.

Jan, 2007

Thank you for your excellent service…Very fast.

D Gray, November 2006

Many thanks for your prompt service, I would certainly recommend your company to friends.

Matthew, Epson, Sept 2006

Thanks Anna, I must say you are a very professional company and I'll recommend you to my friends.

Thanks Kelly

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“Having used BabyPlus throughout my pregnancy (and admittidly beginning with scepticism!), since the birth of my son and seeing the results, I now wholeheartly believe it's claims and would recommend it to anyone...”

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