Is BabyPlus Safe?

The sound level to the baby is strictly controlled for both pitch and volume. Dr. Logan spent many years studying the normal environment of the developing baby, and Babyplus is carefully designed to present sounds to the prenatal infant at a very safe but audible level. More than 70,000 families worldwide have attested to its safety and effectiveness. Over fetal stimulation does not occur because the sound is so familiar to the developing baby. The tones are natural, and the sound level is safe.
Is Babyplus Safe?

BabyPlus Safety Parameters

This section presents information pertaining to the safety of BabyPlus. Much of this information is scientific and is presented to provide reassurance as to the safety of BabyPlus. In brief, there are no known risks to using the BabyPlus prenatal education system.

Evaluators and Peer Review

The primary safety studies were conducted by Brent Logan, Ph.D., and Rene Van de Carr M.D., through the Prenatal Institute, Seattle; these initial evaluations occurred during 1985-87, with several replications in subsequent years as new BabyPlus technology was developed. Procedure descriptions and outcomes were published in "Infant Outcomes of a Prenatal Stimulation Pilot Study," Pre and Perinatal Psychology Journal, 1991. Independent examination of these matters was made by Mikhail Lazarev, M.D., Children’s Rehabilitation Center, Moscow, and a physician team at Madras Medical University, Madras, India under D. Raja, M.D.

Sonic Effects

By digitally sampling hydrophone recordings of normal uterine sounds, specifically that of maternal blood pulsing past the placenta, an electronic baseline was established from which variants in tempo and tone could be generated; these incremental changes were then compared on a real time analyzer for fidelity to standard sonic parameters of the womb. Controls assured that all ex utero sound--whether from audiocassette player maximum volume setting or microchip source--after attenuating 30-35 dB from abdominal tissue and fluid, would reach any fetus below the 95 dB cresting level of its in utero maternal bloodpulse; this audio ceiling is maintained by both original sound reproduction and transducer constraints, falling below that of television, radio, and CD player dB levels which all contemporary unborn children experience. No other prenatal sonic stimulation products are similarly controlled therefore even classical music attending the fetus does not meet this standard.

Cortical Effects

A classic 1961 study by Andrew Neher, appearing in Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, documents how sonic stimuli repeated at specific tempos produce comparable alpha wave rhythmicity; this simultaneous phenomenon, called auditory driving, is not harmful and serves as a key rational for the progressive sequences of BabyPlus, which induce the fetal protoalpha rhythm of 1-2 Hz to more mature levels.

Field Effects

The electromagnetic field produced by the four BabyPlus AA batteries has no adverse impact upon the developing baby.

Physiological Effects

Tachycardia resulting from the BabyPlus sonic rhythmicity has never been observed.

Motor Effects

Fetal arm and leg movements in response and sometimes syncopated to the BabyPlus rhythms may last up to 20 minutes during the prescribed one hour stimulation period, this physical exercise having only a beneficial influence upon blood-oxygen levels.

Sleep Effects

Fetal sleep states remain undisturbed by BabyPlus stimulation, just as a mother’s blood maintaining an incessant 95 dB in utero presence does not detract from prenatal sleep cycles; the technology’s sonic sequences are tracked by infant neurology whether or not the child remains awake.

Long-term Effects

Over 70,000 children prenataly enriched by BabyPlus--the oldest now age 14--have been born worldwide to parents of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds; not a single health or behavioral factor has been reported as negative. Only superlative outcomes are observed by families and professionals, whether physicians, psychologists, or educators.
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“Having used BabyPlus throughout my pregnancy (and admittidly beginning with scepticism!), since the birth of my son and seeing the results, I now wholeheartly believe it's claims and would recommend it to anyone...”

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