What Will my Baby Hear?

Listed below are readily understandable examples of the unique and fundamental idea behind the BabyPlus Prenatal Enrichment System. Please understand that the quality of the sounds you hear will greatly depend on the capability of your computer system and the speed of your Internet connection. These sound sequences are for demonstration purposes only.

Sounds of the Prenatal World

This is the sound the unborn child hears 24 hours a day, seven days a week for the entire pregnancy. The sound of the maternal pulse and the blood flowing through the placenta, as loud as 95 decibels.

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What will my baby hear?

Sequence I

This is Sequence I of the BabyPlus curriculum. The sound is simple and not significantly different from the sounds the unborn child hears every minute of every day, but the child detects the difference. And she hears it clearly - it is not muffled and it is not too complex. The child begins to discriminate, that is, to employ the most basic learning principle at this very early age.

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Sequence II

The pattern of Sequence II is just slightly different from that of Sequence I. But the child hears the difference - now he has learned not only to discriminate the sounds of Sequence I from that of the normal environment, but he has also heard a sound that he learns is different from those he heard before.

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Sequence IV

The pattern has increased significantly in speed, and the pattern is more complex and the subtle variations in tone are again audible to the child. BabyPlus may sound repetitive and basic to the adult ear, but to the unborn child it is a logical and instructive progression. By this time the child will often begin to move around as soon as the Sequence is begun. This is a great time for bonding.

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Sequence VIII

Again there is an increase in speed. This increase in speed has been gradual over each of the Sequences. The pattern has also significantly increased in complexity. For a full explanation of the patterns and the derivation thereof, see Dr. Logan's original article Teaching the Unborn: Precept and Practice.

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BabyPlus - Learn how it works video clip

BabyPlus audio clip - Hear what your baby hears

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“Having used BabyPlus throughout my pregnancy (and admittidly beginning with scepticism!), since the birth of my son and seeing the results, I now wholeheartly believe it's claims and would recommend it to anyone...”

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